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Clothing Care Guide

All garments may be subject to some discolouring as a result of general wear and staining from only partially washed off substances such as mud and grass.

Always adhere to garment care labels and follow as appropriate to minimise any chance of colour loss.
Try to avoid leaving kit bundled together or scrunched up whilst damp.

Do not over fill washing machine as dirt can be re-deposited and seriously diminish colouring.

Serious Sport will not accept liability for any discolouration derived from foreign elements other than those used in the manufacturing of the material.

Caring for a screen printed garment:
Turn garment inside out and wash on a 40°c cycle to prevent abrasion and colours running during wash.

Do not use bleaching agents, biological wash powders or spot removers on the garment
Do not iron directly on screen printed transfer, turn shirt inside out - excess heat may damage your transfer 
Do not scrub the transfer 
Do not dry clean or Tumble Dry